Your Squealing Brakes Are Trying to Tell You Something

Never take chances with squealing brakes. One reason why you shouldn’t ignore the noise is that the brakes could be overheating, and once brakes get too hot, they will fail completely. York Tire & Auto Service can get to the bottom of your squealing brakes. Here is more information on why brakes squeal and what the sound might mean, including whether you’d be safer to pull over right away and call for a tow truck to our auto service shop in Red Lion, PA.

Squealing When it’s Wet Outside

Water will make your brakes squeal, so you might hear them squeak when it’s raining outside or after you drive through a huge puddle. If you’ve just had your car cleaned at the car wash, this, too, can make the brakes squeal until they dry out. New brakes might also squeal as the brake pad protective covering burns off. You’ll also smell the protective covering burning, but this should only last for a few hours to a day at the most. If your brakes continue to squeal after they’ve dried out, there’s a problem.

Squealing at Higher Speeds

The brake pads have a surface that creates friction once the pads are pressed against the rotors. As this surface wears away, there’s a sensor that will make noise once the pads are getting too low. What’s unique about this is that you’ll hear your brakes squealing while you’re driving but they’ll stop squealing once you use them to slow and stop your automobile. This is a clue that your brake pads are too low. In some cases, they will also squeal when they’re getting too low as you slow down, too.

Squealing and Burning Smells

This is the sign that means serious trouble. If your brakes start squealing and you can smell them burning – it usually smells like chemicals or burnt carpeting – your brakes are overheating. As the brakes continue to get hotter and hotter, the brake pads will glaze. Glazed brake pads are so hot that their surface smoothes out and they squeal as they press against the rotors. Your brake fluid can also overheat and boil, and this will cause the brakes to fail completely. Pull to the side of the road. Don’t keep driving your automobile.

Get towed to York Tire & Auto Service’s Red Lion, PA, auto service shop. We will inspect your vehicle’s brakes and repair them. We can also maintain your brake system with regular inspections every 15,000 miles to ensure you are always safe on the road.

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