Why We Love European Automobiles Here at York Tire & Auto Service

York Tire & Auto Service is your one-stop auto service and repair shop whether you drive a domestic, Asian, or European automobile. Frankly, we love European automobiles. Our technicians are skilled in maintaining and repairing them and bring vast experience to every job they perform. Many people prefer European automobiles, but have you ever wondered why? We’re going to list some of the benefits of European automobiles below.


Most European automobiles are compact. This makes them easier to get in and out of tight spaces. The reason why European automobile manufacturers design and produce smaller cars is that many of the streets in Europe are narrow. If you don’t like driving mammoth automobiles, European is the way to go.


Their size doesn’t affect their controllability, however. European automobiles are known for their handling. These vehicles are designed to handle high-speed highways and, again, tight situations. European automobiles are a joy to drive because they are aerodynamic and easy to handle at faster speeds. This does not mean, however, that you should disobey speed limits.


Another benefit of European automobiles is that they are extremely fuel-efficient. If you’ve ever visited Europe, you may have been shocked by the gas prices. Fuel in Europe is much more expensive than it is in the United States. This is why so many people prefer bicycles and mopeds. To compete, European automobile manufacturers design cars and crossovers that get extremely good gas mileage. When you combine excellent handling with good gas mileage you have an amazing car.


Let’s face it, European automobiles are also drop-dead gorgeous. These vehicles have always led the way when it comes to aesthetics. Many people prefer to drive European automobiles because they want their sporty or classy look. That isn’t to say that domestic and Asian automobiles aren’t gorgeous, too, they are. There is just something about the European automobile that makes it beautiful.

In Demand

Finally, European automobiles are in demand on the used car market. This gives them a higher resell value. Many European automobile owners sell their old vehicles privately so they can purchase new ones when they are ready for them. Whether you choose to sell yours privately or to a dealer, if it’s in good shape, you will get top dollar.

One way to keep your European automobile in excellent shape is to bring it to York Tire & Auto Service in Red Lion, PA, for all of its service and repair needs. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

Photo by PublicDomainPictures from pixabay via Canva Pro

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