Why Is My Engine Squealing Loudly?

You fire up your engine and it makes a squealing noise that could awaken the dead. What could be causing such a sound? York Tire & Auto Service advises that the most likely culprit is the accessory belt. It will squeal when it gets too loose and needs to be tightened or replaced. You may also hear squealing noises coming from the engine when you turn the steering wheel if the power steering pump needs to be replaced. Squealing is one sound your engine should not make. Here are other sounds.


A grinding noise coming from the engine can be a dangerous sign that there is a problem with the oil circulation. If the oil is not making its way through the engine, the moving parts will grind against each other. We recommend that if your engine is grinding or making another metallic noise that you have your vehicle towed to our shop. Driving the automobile can cause irreparable engine damage.


Another sound that your car, truck, or utility vehicle’s engine should not make is a hissing noise. This can point to a leaking vacuum hose in the engine. Replacing the vacuum hose is a relatively simple repair, so do not worry. Unfortunately, there could also be a problem with auto fluid leaking onto hot engine parts. This can also make a hissing noise or a sizzling noise like food in a frying pan.


The engine might also develop knocking noises if you have fuel that is the wrong activity in the tank. Low-octane fuel can cause detonation problems that make knocking noises. A lean fuel mixture or worn spark plugs can also cause this problem. You may also hear knocking coming from the cylinder block if the rod bearings are worn and the pistons are knocking inside of the cylinders.


In most cases, if the engine pops, you’ve got an exhaust system leak. Sometimes, the popping noise may be more like a tapping noise. This can be caused by a crack in the exhaust manifold out of which scorching exhaust leaks. This being said, a popping noise can also be made by a clogged catalytic converter. We can determine the source of the popping and fix it.

Finally, York Tire & Auto Service in Red Lion, PA, advises that your engine may rumble and roar loudly if the muffler develops a leak or the catalytic converter is stolen. Bring your vehicle to our shop today if the engine is sounding unusual.

Photo by aopsan from Getty Images Pro via Canva Pro

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