Why Does My Engine Keep Stalling?

You don’t need us here at York Tire & Auto Service to tell you that if your car, truck, utility vehicle, or van’s engine keeps stalling, there’s something wrong. The question is: What is wrong? We are going to list the common causes of engine stalling below. Likely, one of these things is the reason why your engine keeps stalling.

Bad Spark Plugs

If the spark plugs are old and worn, they will misfire and your engine will stall. The spark plugs are responsible for igniting the air and fuel in the cylinders. You may also hear engine knocking if the spark plugs aren’t firing as they should be.

Dead Fuel Pump

It could also be that your fuel pump has died. This is the automotive part that is responsible for drawing the gasoline out of the tank and pushing it through to the fuel injectors. If it has died, your engine isn’t getting any gasoline.

Dirty Air Filter

A dirty air filter can also make your engine stall. The air filter is responsible for cleaning the air that flows underneath the hood before it is routed to the cylinders. If the air filter is clogged, the cylinders aren’t getting any air for the spark plugs to ignite with the fuel.

Distributor Cap Corrosion

The distributor cap distributes the sparks from the spark plugs. If it is corroded, the sparks will go nowhere. This means you don’t have any engine combustion going on in the combustion chamber. Consequently, your vehicle will stall or you may not be able to get it started.

Lean Fuel Mixture

A lean fuel mixture means there is too much air in the cylinders and not enough diesel fuel or gasoline. When this happens, your vehicle might stall because the engine is being fuel-starved. Until the underlying problem is fixed, which could be a malfunctioning mass airflow or oxygen sensor, your engine will continue to stall until it has the right amount of fuel.

Low Fuel Pressure

Finally, low fuel pressure can cause the above condition. It’s possible that there isn’t enough fuel making its way into the engine because the fuel pressure is too low. Things that cause fuel pressure problems include a clogged fuel filter, a malfunctioning fuel pump as discussed above, problems with the tank venting, clogged fuel lines, or a faulty engine control module.

Bring your vehicle to York Tire & Auto Service in Red Lion, PA. We can figure out why your engine keeps stalling and fix the problem.

Photo by killerb10 from Getty Images Signature via Canva Pro

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