Why Does My Car’s Engine Keep Stalling All the Time?

Whether your vehicle’s engine is stalling while you are idling or when you’re driving, there is definitely something wrong. York Tire & Auto Service is a full-service auto shop, and we can find out why your engine keeps stalling and fix the problem. Oftentimes, older engines are prone to stall because the spark plugs are worn out and need to be replaced. This isn’t the only cause of engine stalls.

Battery Problems

If there is a problem with your vehicle’s battery or the alternator, the battery might not be able to hold a charge or be charged, respectively, and, eventually, your engine will die. Corroded battery terminals can also cause engine stalling because the electrical current is not flowing through due to the corrosion. If your battery is older than three or four years old, it could be the source of your engine stalls.

Fuel System Clogs

You don’t need us to tell you that your engine needs gasoline to run. If there is a clog in the fuel system, either in the fuel injectors, the fuel lines, or the fuel filter, your vehicle will stall because it isn’t getting enough gas. Another fuel system problem that can make your vehicle stall is a dead or dying fuel pump. This part is responsible for drawing the gasoline out of the tank and pushing it through the engine.

Incorrect Engine Timing

As we said in the introduction, engine timing can make your vehicle stall. Your spark plugs are part of your engine’s timing. They detonate the air and fuel mixture in the cylinders. If their timing is off, your engine’s detonation will be off, and this can cause stalling. Other things that affect your engine’s timing are the timing belt or timing chain. If your timing belt breaks, your engine will stop completely.

Electrical Malfunction

Today’s automobiles are feats of wonder. You have so many accessories that you don’t know what to do with all of them, and you even have charging stations for your cell phones. Every system has a sensor that reports back to an engine control module, which, in turn, makes adjustments automatically based on the reports. If anything goes wrong, your engine will stall or cut out completely.

Restricted Airflow

Finally, just as your automobile needs gasoline to run it also needs air. If you haven’t had your air filter changed recently, it could be the reason why your vehicle is stalling. It’s a good idea to change the air filter every 12,000 miles. This prevents it from getting clogged. Your engine might also not get enough air if the mass airflow sensor or oxygen sensor is malfunctioning.

Don’t let your automobile frustrate you. Call York Tire & Auto Service in Red Lion, PA, to schedule an appointment. We’ll find out why your engine keeps stalling and fix the problem.

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