Why a Pre-trip Inspection Is Helpful Before Your Trip

A pre-trip inspection is helpful because it ensures your SUV, truck, or car is 100 percent road-ready. The inspection gives us a chance to check out your vehicle from the tires to the roof to make certain there are no services or repairs due. This leaves you with a safe and reliable automobile to get you to your trip destination and back home. Let’s talk about all of this below.

The Pre-trip Inspection

We’ll talk about the pre-trip inspection first. When you schedule an appointment at our auto repair shop for a vehicle inspection, we will, among other things, check the following things:

  • We will test the battery
  • We will inspect the belts and hoses
  • We will inspect and test the brake system
  • We will check all of the fluid levels and cleanliness
  • We will inspect the tires for wear and tear

If anything needs to be replaced on your automobile, we will do so. This includes worn belts, leaking hoses, and worn brake pads. We will also top off all fluids or change the fluids that are dirty.

We can even run a diagnostic test to make sure there isn’t a hidden problem that could cause trouble for you on the road. We will make sure your vehicle is not at risk of breaking down.
Additional Things to Consider

Now, let’s talk about some additional things to consider. When planning your trip, make sure to find the most direct route to your destination to save fuel. Do not rely on your vehicle’s GPS. Do it the old-fashioned way to find a direct route. Choose some alternate routes, as well, in case you need them.

Once you have your route mapped out, check the weather along the route to ensure you won’t get stuck in a nasty storm. Also, check the route for problems such as road construction or road closures. You never know when road construction will take you on a long and frustrating detour.

Finally, check for fun stops along the way so you and the family can get out of the vehicle throughout the day. Stopping is crucial for your alertness behind the wheel. When you get out of the car, you can walk around to pump up your blood circulation. You can also use a local restroom.

Don’t let a vehicle breakdown ruin your holiday travel. Schedule a pre-trip inspection with us so we can make certain your automobile will be safe and reliable during your road trip.

Photo by dimarik from Getty Images via Canva Pro

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