What Are the Symptoms of a Dying Fuel Pump?

You won’t be able to start and run your automobile with a dead fuel pump. It’s the fuel pump that gets the diesel fuel or gasoline out of the tank and into the engine. York Tire & Auto Service is going to list the symptoms of a dying fuel pump below for your reference. If your vehicle is suffering from any of these things, bring it to our shop so we can pinpoint what’s wrong.

Cannot Start Engine

Obviously, if the fuel pump is dying and is unable to get fuel into the engine, you will be unable to start your car, truck, or utility vehicle. This symptom is usually one of the last signs of a dying fuel pump. You will notice the other problems listed below first.

High-Speed Sputtering

The faster you go the more fuel your engine needs. Consequently, if your fuel pump is malfunctioning and not sending enough fuel into your engine, your engine will sputter at high speeds. You will feel this sputtering and also hear it. You may fear that your engine is going to stall.

High-Speed Surging

Sometimes, a malfunctioning fuel pump can get stuck in the open position. When this happens, you end up with excess fuel in the engine. As the excess fuel flows into the engine, the engine will surge, i.e., pick up speed, at higher speeds.

Low Fuel Pressure

One way to check to see if your fuel pump is going out is to check your fuel pressure. You can do this with a gauge that you can pick up at the auto parts store. The only other thing you need to do is check your owner’s manual to see what the recommended fuel pressure is. If your fuel pressure is under this recommendation, your fuel pump could be going out.

Power Loss When Under Stress

The engine also needs excess fuel when it is under stress, i.e., towing heavy loads or navigating up steep mountain roads. If your engine slows down and gets sluggish under these conditions, it’s possible the fuel pump is not pushing enough gasoline through to the engine to meet its needs.

Rising Engine Temperature

Finally, the fuel pump motor gets hot when it operates. What cools the motor down is the fuel flowing through the pump. If your fuel pump is dying and unable to pull fuel from the gasoline tank, your fuel pump motor will overheat and increase the temperature of your engine.

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Photo by blacklionder from Getty Images via Canva Pro

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