Water Pump Problems That Point to the Need for a New One

You can count on York Tire & Auto Service if your car, truck, or utility vehicle needs a new water pump. The point at which this happens is usually after 100,000 miles or 10 years. Your automobile will give you some signs that the water pump is going bad and is becoming incapable of circulating coolant through the engine. Let’s talk about these signs below so you know what to look for in your automobile.

Corrosion on the Water Pump

The water pump can get corroded by a slow leak that puddles engine coolant around the pump. This leak is so slow that you won’t realize that the water pump is losing coolant. There won’t be any noticeable signs on your garage floor. Rather, you will need to inspect the pump to see if it has corrosion on it. If it is rusted, it is leaking. This means the pump needs to be replaced as soon as possible.

Leaking Engine Coolant

Eventually, as it happens with all corrosion, the water pump’s metal will start to get holes in it and you will see spots on your garage floor. The engine coolant will leak out of the holes in the water pump and this will reduce the level of coolant in the motor. Unfortunately, if the level gets too low, your vehicle’s engine temperature is going to rise above the maximum of 220 degrees Fahrenheit.

Poor Pump Circulation

As we mentioned above, the water pump may also reach a point where it is not able to move the coolant throughout the engine. The water pump is to the coolant as your heart is to your blood. If the water pump is not working, you will not have engine coolant circulating.

Noises in the Engine

The water pump may also start to make growling noises in the front of your engine if it is wearing down. Some pumps make grinding noises, as well. It’s important to have any strange noise that your engine is making inspected right away to make sure the engine is not being damaged.

Overheating Engine

Finally, you don’t need us to tell you that the engine is going to overheat if the water pump needs to be replaced. It may not be circulating coolant through the engine or it may be losing coolant via a leak. Either way, your engine is going to get too hot.

Call York Tire & Auto Service in Red Lion, PA, today to set up a service appointment so we can test the water pump and replace it.

Photo by SaevichMikalai from Getty Images via Canva Pro

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