Synthetic or Conventional? Which Is the Better Motor Oil?

Both synthetic and conventional motor oils are excellent oils. In fact, all four oils available on the market are trustworthy and do an excellent job of protecting a car’s engine. York Tire & Auto Service is the best auto shop in Red Lion, and we are going to list the four types of motor oil below. Determining the best one for your automobile depends on numerous factors including what your vehicle manufacturer recommends. You will find the recommendation in the oil section of the owner’s manual.


If you are looking for a motor oil type that has a proven track record, you cannot go wrong with conventional oil. Conventional oil has been used in automobiles since the beginning of automobile production. That’s right! This oil has been used for well over 100 years. Conventional oil is an excellent choice for vehicles that are equipped with standard engines. This oil remains viscous for approximately 3,000 miles, after which it is recommended that you have the oil changed.


A specialized conventional oil is high-mileage motor oil. This oil is used in the engines of older cars because of its cleansing and prevention properties. Older engines have two specific problems: sludge and oil leaks. High-mileage oil is designed to break down the sludge inside an older engine and carry it away so it can be trapped by the oil filter. This keeps the older engine clean. High-mileage oil also has additives that help it seal any minor oil leaks and prevent new ones.


Synthetic oil gets all the praise, and, in a way, it deserves it. This oil is made in a lab and contains additives to increase its viscosity and keep it viscous longer. As such, you can wait until you have turned 5,000 miles before you need to have the synthetic oil changed. The additives in the oil better protect high-performance engines that run hotter than standard engines do. The additives also help the oil stand up to extreme engine conditions and extreme exterior conditions.

Synthetic Blend

As you can imagine, all of the additives in the synthetic oil and its processing cause it to fetch a higher price. If you don’t want to pay the price for full synthetic oil, you can put a combination of synthetic and conventional in your vehicle provided the engine does not require full synthetic. This oil is called a synthetic blend, and it works well in all standard engines.

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