Sign of Mass Airflow Sensor Problems in Your Automobile

Your automobile’s mass airflow (MAF) sensor may never need to be replaced. This automotive part can have an unlimited lifespan if you take care of the rest of your car, truck, or utility vehicle. This does not mean, however, that the mass airflow sensor cannot go bad. It can. York Tire & Auto Service lists the signs of a failing MAF sensor below. Please note, many of these signs are similar to those of a failing oxygen sensor, as well.

Acceleration Problems

The MAF sensor gauges how much air flows into the engine while you drive your automobile. This helps the engine control unit or ECU ensure there is always the correct amount of air and fuel in the combustion chamber. When the MAF sensor gets dirty or goes bad, it sends incorrect information to the ECU. Consequently, the ECU makes incorrect adjustments in the combustion chamber. One such adjustment is to add too much air to the chamber, which causes your vehicle’s acceleration to lag.

Check Engine Light

The mass airflow sensor will also send an error code to the ECU if it is experiencing a malfunction. Once the ECU receives this code, it will turn on the check engine light to alert you of a problem in the engine. In this case, the problem is the mass airflow sensor.

Engine Hesitation

Too much air in the combustion chamber will also cause your engine to hesitate. You may get your vehicle going past the acceleration lag only to have the engine stutter and act as if it’s going to stall. This is because the engine is not getting enough fuel to maintain the proper power that it needs to keep running.

Engine Surging

In some cases, the ECU will make incorrect adjustments to the amount of fuel that is in the combustion chamber. If there is too much fuel in the chamber, your vehicle’s engine will surge forward, which means it will pick up speed without you directing it to do so.

Excess Exhaust

Excess fuel can also cause excess exhaust to flow out of your tailpipe. This is because the engine is burning through the fuel that is in the combustion chamber. This excess exhaust is not only damaging to the environment but also to your vehicle’s catalytic converter.

Hard Starts

Switching back to too much air in the combustion chamber, if your vehicle does not have enough fuel, it will have a difficult time starting. You may find that it’s getting harder and harder to get your automobile started as the mass airflow sensor continues to fail.

Poor Gas Mileage

Your vehicle’s gas mileage will also suffer if the mass airflow sensor is going bad. This is because of the imbalance in the combustion chamber. Your engine is not running efficiently.

York Tire & Auto Service in Red Lion PA can help. Schedule an appointment with our Red Lion auto shop today for a MAF sensor test.

Photo by Marlia Demchenko from Getty Images via Canva Pro

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