Reduce Your Parked Car’s Interior Heat This Summer

Before we get into ways that you can reduce the heat inside of your parked car this summer, York Tire & Auto Service advises that you should never leave a child or pet inside the parked car. Even though these tips will keep the car cooler, the heat inside of the vehicle will still reach the fatal point. Always make sure to bring your children with you and leave the pets at home during the hot summer months.

Use a Shade in the Windshield

If you don’t already have one, pick up a windshield shade to help cool down the inside temperature while the vehicle is parked. The shades are easy to open and put in the windshield. You use the visors to hold them in place. Once you are done with your errands and are back inside the vehicle, the shades are also easy to pull out of the windshield and fold up for storage.

Use Shades on the Windows, Too

You can also increase the shade to block the sun’s hot rays by putting shades in each window, as well. Your automobile may already be equipped with an automatic shade for the rear window and the sunroof. Close all shades once you have parked your vehicle and use window shades that are held in place by suction cups. This will also help to reduce the interior temperature.

Put a Towel on the Steering Wheel

Even with all of the shades, your steering wheel may get too hot if the car is parked in the sunlight for a long time. One of the ways to keep the steering wheel cool so you can handle it once you start driving is to cover it with a hand towel. You can also use a small cloth.

Use Garages/Shady Spots When You Can

Keeping your car out of the sun is the best way to prevent the interior from getting exceedingly hot. Whenever you can, make sure to park in garages or find shady spots under which your vehicle can rest. The less the sun beats down on the vehicle the cooler the interior will remain.

Crack All of the Windows

When you park your automobile, crack all of the windows slightly to help with the vehicle’s ventilation. The car will get much hotter if you have all of the windows closed. Keep in mind, however, that cracking the windows does not cool off the interior enough to make it safe for children and pets.

Wait Before Entering the Vehicle

Finally, it’s an excellent idea to open the doors and then wait a few minutes before you get inside. If there is a slight breeze, the wind will blow through the car and cool it off. Even without a breeze, opening the doors helps the interior heat to escape.

York Tire & Auto Service in Red Lion, PA, can also help you keep the inside of your vehicle cool by inspecting your air conditioning system and servicing it.

Photo by Derwin Edwards from Pexels via Canva Pro

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