PA Safety & Emissions Inspection

Pennsylvania requires vehiclPennsylvania State Emissionses to undergo Pennsylvania State Emissions and Safety testing every year. York Tire & Auto Service is proud to be a licensed testing facility. As a family-owned auto shop, we know how frustrating and time consuming this process can be. If you have a vehicle that was manufactured in 1995 or earlier, our team of expert mechanics will walk you through the process, get you tested, and back on the road in no time.

What Get’s Tested?

When you bring your vehicle in for testing we will perform a tailpipe test, a gas cap test, and an anti-tampering inspection.  For the tailpipe test, we use a dynamometer to simulate driving at various speeds. During the test, the exhaust is continuously measured to show how much your vehicle is putting out.

You may have wondered what the gas cap test is actually testing for. It’s simple. Your gas cap’s job is to seal off the gas tank and keep fumes from escaping into the air. The gas cap test will test your cap to make sure it is capable of doing just that.

The purpose of the anti-tampering inspection is to make sure your vehicle has not been modified in a way that would negatively affect your safety or the environment. We will perform a simple visual anti-tampering inspection.

What Happens If My Vehicle Fails Inspection?

First of all, don’t panic. Our team of expert mechanics will discuss the process and what needs to be done with you. We will also provide a free reinspection if you come back for retesting within 30 days. Your satisfaction is important to us whether you are coming in for a simple annual inspection or are in need of more complicated repairs.

Call York Tire & Auto Service today or come by to schedule your yearly inspection. We are proud to serve Red Lion, York, Windsor, and the surrounding areas.