Is Synthetic Motor Oil Better for My Car in Cold Weather?

The debate continues. Should you use synthetic oil in the winter or is conventional oil just fine? There are a few things that help make this decision for you and we’d like to talk about them below. No matter your oil choice, York Tire & Auto Service can change your motor oil each time it needs it, and whether you choose conventional or synthetic, the worst damage you can do to your car is to not change the oil.

Synthetic Oil Advantages in Cold Weather

The primary advantage of synthetic oil in cold weather is that it does not thicken as much as conventional oil does. It is not as affected by outdoor temperatures because it contains additives to help it stand up to extreme cold and heat. We don’t get extreme cold in Red Lion, PA, although January can be pretty miserable. This said, heating up your automobile before you drive it, or driving it very slowly until it heats up is important to allow the oil to warm up and start circulating through the engine.

If you use synthetic instead of conventional, you can reduce the warm-up time it takes before you drive because the synthetic oil is not as cold and thick as regular motor oil is. It’s ready to lubricate and protect the engine quicker. So, if you tend to be in a rush every morning because you’re running late, you might consider swapping to synthetic in the winter to protect your engine better as you speed off to work. Remember, your engine relies on motor oil to prevent severe damage.

Other Instances When Synthetic Is a Good Idea

As we said above, this oil or even a synthetic blend can stand up to the cold and take the heat. If you drive a performance vehicle, your owner’s manual likely recommends synthetic because it protects the engine better at higher temperatures, i.e. it’s cold outside but your high-performance engine runs hot and needs protection. High-mileage and/or older vehicles should also use synthetic in the winter because it coats their older parts better. In fact, this oil might be a good idea all year.

We here at York Tire & Auto Service can help you decide. Give us a call to discuss your automobile and whether synthetic will help it through the winter. We’ll switch out your regular oil for synthetic if it offers the best protection for your car, truck, or C/SUV when you stop by our Red Lion, PA, auto service shop.


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