How to Save Gas on Your Next Road Trip

Summer is the time for road trips. From setting out to hit the beach with your friends, to cultural site seeing trips with your family, to romantic mountain getaways with your significant other, this is the time of year when we push our vehicles to the limit. All that mileage means you will need to use a lot of gas and that gas costs money. Get the most out of your gas mileage this summer by checking out these gas saving tips and tricks.

Keep It Light

Obviously, you have to stock your car with luggage and snacks when you are setting out for a road trip. But this summer try to only pack the absolute essentials. The heavier your vehicle, the harder it works, and the more gas it uses to do that work. Pack light and consider removing your removable seats if you aren’t going to need them.

Take It Slow

Part of the fun of a road trip is the journey, so why would you rush it? Every mile per hour you go above 55mph costs up to an extra quarter a gallon and that adds up fast. Sit back, relax, and take it slow to save money on gas and money on a potential speeding ticket.

Check Your Tire Pressure

Before you set out, check your tire pressure and make sure that all for tires are inflated to the optimal PSI. While you are on the road, consider checking your tires anytime you stop for gas. Properly inflated tires increase fuel efficiency and decrease the amount of gas you will need to use on your trip.

Plan Ahead

Spontaneity is fine on a road trip, but if you end up lost and wandering around it not only increases your frustration, but it also wastes gas. Map out your trip including any stops you would like to make before you leave. Your gas tank and wallet will thank you for it.

Turn On Your Cruise Control

Constant speeding up and slowing down will do a number on your fuel efficiency. Instead, turn on your cruise control so you can maintain a consistent speed throughout the trip.

Get an Inspection

Make a vehicle inspection and maintenance appointment part of your planning process. Your mechanic will be able to get your car road-trip ready as well as spot any issues that could affect your fuel efficiency or cause a breakdown that will ruin your fun.

Before you leave for your summer trip, give York Tire & Auto Service a call to schedule a summer maintenance appointment. Our team has been the leading provider of Red Lion automotive services for over 5 years and will get your car ready for the road.

Image by Hans Braxmeier from Pixabay

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