Fall Automobile Maintenance for a Safe Winter

As with your home or business’ furnace, it’s a good idea to get your vehicle ready for winter. The mercury in Red Lion gets down to 19 degrees Fahrenheit in January – sometimes even colder – and your vehicle should be ready to tackle the frigid temperatures. York Tire & Auto Service sees a lot of winter mayhem on the vehicles that come into its shop, and you can avoid trouble with fall maintenance.

Vehicle Inspection

A vehicle inspection should be part of any fall maintenance visit. This gives auto technicians a chance to make certain there is nothing that could go wrong with the automobile when it’s out in the sleet and snow. Nobody wants to get stranded in a stalled car, but it is particularly dangerous to be stranded in cold weather, especially if the vehicle stalls completely and you cannot keep the heater on.

A vehicle inspection allows mechanics to identify concerns and fix them before they become problems. This includes

  • Checking the belts and hoses for wear and tear
  • Changing out dirty filters
  • Replacing low or old fluids
  • Inspecting the undercarriage for rust damage
  • Ensuring the suspension is solid
  • Investigating tire wear
  • Servicing the heating system

One or all of these things can create unsafe conditions during winter driving. Bald tires alone can make you the cause of an accident on icy roads.

Winter Automobile Concerns

Icy and salted roads wreak havoc on your vehicle. Your tires must have plenty of tread to grip the road. If you hydroplane or slip on wet or icy roads, you might lose control of your vehicle. Your suspension is also critical in helping you maintain control of your automobile during difficult driving conditions, such as when a heavy rain or snowstorm hits. Road salt increases the oxidation that rusts your undercarriage.

When the mercury drops, the water in your engine could freeze. Your motor oil will also thicken until your engine is warm enough to defrost it. You need plenty of antifreeze and fresh motor oil to help your engine stand up to cold temperatures. If you park your vehicle outdoors, it’s a good idea to replace conventional oil with synthetic oil because it does a better job in your engine in freezing temperatures.

York Tire & Auto Service in Red Lion, PA, is a family-owned and operated shop that handles all your fall auto maintenance needs. Call us today to schedule a fall service visit.


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