Diesel Engines Can Suffer From These Common Problems

You can count on York Tire & Auto Service to take care of your automotive service needs even if you drive an automobile with a diesel engine. Our experienced technicians work on diesel engines all the time. Below, we are going to list common diesel engine problems that we fix all the time. Don’t worry. We’ve got your diesel engine repair in Red Lion covered.

Problems Starting the Engine

A diesel engine is going to crank more than a gasoline engine does before it starts, but it will start relatively quickly. If your diesel engine is hard to start, the glow plugs may be worn out and unable to heat the combustion chamber. The engine may also be overdue for much-needed maintenance. An unmaintained diesel engine is difficult to start.

Noticeable Power Loss

Your diesel engine will also lose power and the ability to generate it if there is a fuel-delivery problem. The most common causes of a fuel-delivery problem are clogged injectors or a dirty fuel filter. This being said, if your diesel engine is lubricated heavily, it will have problems generating power. It can also lose power and struggle to produce it if the throttle linkage is loose.

Contaminated Diesel Fuel

Diesel fuel is a thick and energy-dense fuel. This is what gives it such good fuel mileage. Unfortunately, its thickness can also make contamination a problem. The fuel can be contaminated by soot or water or even glycol. If the contaminated fuel ends up in the engine, it will damage it.

Oxidized Motor Oil

Another thing that can damage your diesel engine is oxidized motor oil. This happens if the diesel automobile sits for months without being driven. The motor oil will fill with air bubbles that will affect its performance as it circulates through the diesel engine. Consequently, the motor oil will damage the diesel engine if you drive the automobile when oil has oxidized.

Dark Exhaust Smoke

If your diesel engine has a rich fuel mixture in the combustion chamber, you’re going to end up with black exhaust flowing out of the tailpipe. A clogged air filter can cause a rich fuel mixture. If the fuel injectors are leaking, they, too, will add excess fuel to the chamber. You may also be driving with a broken EGR valve or a malfunctioning turbocharger.

Call York Tire & Auto Service in Red Lion, PA, today to set up a service appointment for your diesel automobile if it is doing any of the things listed above.

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