Could There Be a Hole in Your Muffler?

One of the biggest indications that you’ve got a problem with your muffler is that your car is running a little louder than usual. This often happens gradually, so it might take some time to pick up on the extra noise. Some of these other signs listed by York Tire & Auto Service might be more obvious.

Your Tailpipe Is Developing Holes

When you bend down and take a look at your tailpipe, does it look as if it’s in good working order? If you see little pinprick holes or worse, larger holes, then there’s a really good chance that your muffler isn’t in pristine condition, either. It’s not easy to crawl under your car and inspect the muffler. Plus, the holes may be tiny and in places where you can’t see them, but your tailpipe can reveal some damage.

The Engine Keeps Misfiring

If your car’s engine is misfiring, that means that the internal combustion in the engine cylinders isn’t completing. The engine might seem “jerky,” and you might hear a sound that reminds you of popping popcorn. There might also be a lot of exhaust smoke and you might even smell gas. There can be other causes for engine misfire besides the muffler, but the muffler is a good place to start.

You Failed an Emissions Test

Your muffler is literally about muffling the sound of your car’s engine and exhaust. To do that, it filters the exhaust through a series of baffles. These help to break up the noise and keep the car sounding much quieter, no matter what you have under the hood. When your muffler has a hole in it, then some of that exhaust isn’t going through the muffler like it’s supposed to do, which is why it’s louder. It’s also sending more raw exhaust straight to the air, which gets picked up in an emissions test.

You Feel Sick After You Drive

This one can be a little more subtle, because you might not connect what’s happening with your muffler. How do you feel after you’ve been in the car driving it for a little while? If you’re getting a headache or you feel dizzy or as if you’re having a tough time breathing, you might be exposed to more carbon monoxide than usual. This happens when your car’s muffler has a hole or otherwise isn’t working the way it’s supposed to.

If you suspect there’s something going on with your muffler, call York Tire & Auto Service in Red Lion, PA. We can solve the mystery and replace your muffler if necessary.

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