Are My Brakes Going Bad? If They’re Doing This, They Could Be!

Winter is almost here and braking can get a little dicey on icy roads. Unless you just had one, now is the time for a brake inspection, especially if you notice the following signs of trouble per York Tire & Auto Service. No, really. Have your brakes checked before Old Man Winter hits if your vehicle does any of the signs of brake failure below because it’s much harder to maintain control of your vehicle and stop on wet roads.

Takes Longer to Stop

It didn’t take long for you to get used to your vehicle’s stopping distance after you first bought it. You know exactly when to put your foot on the brake pedal to slow the car, truck or SUV down to a stop. You’ve found lately that your vehicle doesn’t stop within the usual distance and you’ve had to press hard on the brakes in the end. This is a sign of brake trouble. Stopping distances shouldn’t change.

Makes Strange Sounds or Smells

A little squeak or squeal is generally nothing to worry about; brakes make funny noises when they’re wet or dirty. Loud squeaks or squeals, however, are causes for concern, especially if they’re constant. Squeaking brakes usually mean there’s something going on with the pads, rotors or anti-rattle clips. Grinding brakes are a sign your brake pads are worn down to the steel backing and need to be replaced.

Smells are another concern. You know the smell of new brakes, but you should only detect that odor for a couple of days after the brakes are installed. Burning smells from an older set of brakes mean they’re overheating, and this spells trouble. Hot brake parts create a glaze that coats them. As you can imagine, the glaze affects the parts’ performance which, in turn, affects your brake system performance.

Handles Differently

Finally, your car, truck or SUV should handle as it always does when you apply the brakes. Obviously, if you have to slam on the brakes to avoid an accident, your vehicle will handle differently. Other times, however, you shouldn’t feel dragging, pulling to one side or vibration. If you notice any of these things, there could a problem with your pads, rotors, calipers, or possibly your automobile’s suspension.

Customers in Red Lion, PA, rely on York Tire & Auto Service for their vehicle service and repair needs, including brake maintenance and repair. If you notice signs of brake failure, schedule a brake inspection today to make sure your brakes are ready to perform in cold and icy weather.


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