Are European Automobiles Really the Best? Well, We Love Them for the Following Reasons!

We here at York Tire & Auto Service work on all makes and models. We can maintain and repair your American, Asian, or European automobile. What makes European cars so special, however? Well, not as much as you might think in today’s automotive market because American and Asian automobile manufacturers are producing amazing machines. Still, the European manufacturers are known for their design and engineering, and the following things make European automobiles so much fun to drive.

Built to Last

While we practically live in our cars here in the States, the European consumer is less likely to purchase a vehicle. Public transportation in major European cities is so efficient that most citizens use it. To entice consumers to purchase automobiles, European manufacturers build them to last. This encourages consumers to make an initial investment knowing they will not have to do so again for a long time. It also boosts a vehicle’s resale value, especially if it’s a diesel.

Easy Handling

German and Italian automobile manufacturers love their sports cars, especially when they are driven on high-speed highways like The Autobahn. As such, drivers who invest in a European automobile often marvel at how well they handle. These vehicles are designed to be driven at high speeds on tight, curvy roads, so, we hate to say this, but the handling is often superior to domestic and Asian automobiles. They just have better-designed suspension systems.


Another thing European automobile manufacturers do to tempt more consumers into automotive sales is to design their automobiles to be extremely fuel-efficient. Let’s not candy-coat this: Gas is expensive here and it’s even more expensive in many European cities. Because of the higher cost-per-gallon (or liter, in Europe), automobile manufacturers design engines to burn the fuel as efficiently as possible so the driver does not have to fill up as often.

Smaller Sizes

Finally, many European cities are lined with charming streets that are, well, insanely narrow. This is why so many Europeans opt for mopeds instead of automobiles. They’re easier to navigate through the tiny streets. For those who prefer cars, the automobile can be much smaller than a domestic auto. Take a look at the MINI. Smaller sizes work well here, too, especially in tiny parking spaces and on tight streets with tons of parked cars on them.

Whether you drive a European automobile or other make, you can trust your automotive service needs to York Tire & Auto Service. We are located in Red Lion, PA, and you can call us today.

Photo by Sourav Mishra from Pexels via Canva Pro

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