Buy What You Need Today

Wish financing tires and wheels could be a little more…simple? In today’s economy, lenders have become more strict with requirements, making it tougher than ever to obtain the financing you need. With no credit check needed, Acima Credit makes it easy for more people to get what they need through a unique alternative to traditional finance programs.

This no credit lease program gives you the convenience of credit, with a 90-day payment option available. We accept Acmia Credit at York Tire & Auto Service, serving Red Lion, PA, York, PA, Windsor, PA, and surrounding areas.

Do I Qualify?

Acima Credit makes it easy to qualify. Approval is based on the following:

  • Income History – Do you have a three-month history with your current employer?
  • Monthly Income – Do you deposit at least $1,000 each month into your checking account?
  • Checking Account – Have you owned your checking account for at least 90 days?
  • Checking Activity – Is your checking account free of NSFs, excessive overdrafts, and negative balances?

With tailored payment plans available and an easy application process, Acima Credit provides an affordable solution for your larger purchases.