Five Causes of Vibration

It’s a little disconcerting to find your car suddenly vibrating as you’re going about your day. Understanding the causes is an important part of getting the problem fixed properly. York Tire & Auto Service can help you to start the troubleshooting process so that you can get back on the road without the shakes and the shimmies.

Engine Troubles

If the car vibrates more when you’re accelerating or when you’ve reached a steady speed, there may be something going on in the engine itself. Clogged filters are just one potential problem that you could be facing. Bad spark plugs are another. It’s a good idea to have the engine examined for potential problems, especially if you’ve ruled out other causes.

An Accident

Have you recently been in an accident, even just a fender bender? Even a tiny impact can create big problems in a variety of spots on your car. The wheels, steering system, or even motor mounts can all experience damage during a collision that can show up as a vibration. That damage needs repair to prevent bigger issues.

Old or Worn Tires

Tires that have worn tread, whether they’re old tires or newer ones, are where your car comes in closest contact with the road. Any variation, bubble, or problem with that tread can create an issue in the tire can also create a vibration while you’re driving. If the tire is worn down enough that the metal is showing, that is definitely a problem.

Brake Problems

Sometimes the vibration shows up not when you’re accelerating or at speed, but when you’re slowing down or stopping. That means that your rotors or brake pads, or both, could need replacing or repair. This is most obvious when you’re applying the brakes, then the vibration goes away when you either take your foot off the brake or when you accelerate again.

Unbalanced Wheels

If your wheels are out of balance, that creates a wobble that you feel all throughout the car. Part of getting new tires involves balancing the wheels with tiny wheel weights. If those weights fall off or if they’re placed improperly, that can send the wheel out of balance. All sorts of things could cause the wheel weights to become dislodged, like hitting a pothole or even hitting a curb during a turn.

York Tire & Auto Service in Red Lion, PA, can help to narrow down the possible causes of your car’s vibration. Give us a call to set up an appointment.


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