Four Signs Your Fuel System Needs Cleaning

Your vehicle’s fuel system needs regular maintenance just as all the other systems do. You can tell your fuel system is struggling by the four signs below. The cause of the struggles could be a clogged fuel filter, clogged fuel injectors, or even a problem with the fuel pump. York Tire & Auto Service can clean your fuel system and replace the fuel filter to resolve the following issues.

Stress Power Decrease

Towing, overloading, or even driving up a steep hill places stress on your vehicle’s engine. If you notice your automobile loses power under these driving conditions, the fuel system could be the culprit. When you place your car, truck, or UV under stress, it needs more gasoline to power the engine. If the fuel system isn’t pushing enough gasoline through to the engine, you’ll lose power.

Starting and Idling Trouble

Another indication of fuel system trouble is starting problems and/or rough idling. For example, if you have a hard time starting your car and can smell gasoline, the fuel pump may be stuck in the open position and fuel has flooded your engine. If your vehicle idles roughly, you might have the opposite issue: Your engine isn’t getting enough fuel. A fuel system cleaning can resolve this problem.

Acceleration Lag

If your engine is not getting enough gasoline, you will also notice the acceleration lag. Basically, when you step on the accelerator to speed up or to get your vehicle going from a stop, your vehicle will sputter and fight you to pick up speed. If the fuel pump is not sending enough gasoline into the engine, or if the fuel filter or injectors are clogged, you will run into this problem.

Rotten Gas Mileage

Finally, a sluggish and dirty fuel system will affect your gas mileage. Whether the engine is getting too much gas or not enough, you’ll feel a difference in your wallet. If the engine is getting too much gas, it will burn off the excess. If it isn’t getting enough, it will work harder to operate. Unfortunately, both of these scenarios reduce your vehicle’s fuel economy.

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Photo by Bunsview from Getty Images via Canva Pro

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