Four Reasons Your Car Might Stall

There’s nothing quite so scary as driving along and suddenly having your car come to a stop because it’s stalled. If that happens in the middle of a heavy traffic area, you might even be at risk of being in an accident. York Tire & Auto Service knows how frustrating it can be to have a problem with your car that isn’t easy to troubleshoot. If your car is stalling on you, some of these factors may be at play.

Problems With the Gas

One of the most common reasons for your car to stall is that it doesn’t have good fuel that it can burn. Your car runs on gas, not water or other fluids. So if you’ve got some gas that has a moisture content that’s too high, that’s a big problem. Your car won’t run the way that it is supposed to run, and you might end up with more damage.

Trouble With Fuel Pressure

But it’s not just the gas and its water content you need to worry about. If there’s not enough pressure throughout the fuel system, your car will end up stalling, too. You could have the best gasoline money can buy, and a depressurized fuel system will keep the car’s engine from getting what it needs to keep running. Fixing the fuel pressure problem helps the engine to get moving again.

The Battery or the Alternator Died

You might think that your car only needs the battery to start it up, and that’s partly true. The battery and the alternator work together to ensure that your car’s engine has the electrical power it needs to keep itself going. If one or the other isn’t functioning properly, they make the other work way harder than it should keep you going. Cold temperatures put your battery and alternator both at greater risk of failing.

Electrical Problems

Modern cars rely a lot more than their predecessors on their electrical systems. There’s a lot that can go wrong in all those tiny wires and fuses. And if something isn’t functioning properly or a wire has come loose, that can cause your car to stall when you least expect it to. Hitting even a couple of potholes can be enough to knock some of your wirings loose.

York Tire & Auto Service is there to help when your car is stalling for reasons you don’t understand. We’re located in Red Lion, PA, and you can contact us to talk about what’s going on.


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